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            在雅思白话part three部分,许多同学都觉得无法可说。到底有什么样的方法能够让你拓宽论题呢?广州举世教育小编和我们共享:雅思白话论题应该怎么拓宽。


            Keep asking yourself "why?"

            Explain the alternatives

            Give an example



            Do you think that school children should be encouraged to have their ownideas, or is it more important for them to learn what their teachers givethem?


            I think that we should definitely allow children to be creative and havetheir own ideas. (why?) Children need to develop the ability to think forthemselves and solve problems (why?) because as adults they will not always havesomebody to guide them or tell them what to do. (alternatives?) If we don'tallow children to have their own ideas, they will be less successful in theadult world; they will be too reliant on others. (ex一号平台时时彩-雅思白话论题应该怎么拓宽?ample?) A舒嫔坐胎药 doctor, forexample, might encounter a situation that he or she hasn't been trained for, butwill still be expected to make a decision that could save someone's life.

            Question: What do you think are the most important qualities for friends to have?


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